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26th Annual Gala at the Holiday Inn

A gigantic capacity crowd of several hundred audiophiles piled into the Grand Ballroom of the Holiday Inn in Dana Point to celebrate our 25th annual Gala. We honored Michael Fremer with the prestigious Founder’s Award. Additional awards included the President’s Award to Ray Kimber and our first Audio Recording of the Year Award to “Emanon” by Wayne Shorter on Blue Note Records, accepted by Don Was and Joe Harley. The crowd enjoyed a live performance by the Yuko Mabuchi Trio while gorging themselves at a lavish luncheon. Here are a number of pictures capturing the festivities, courtesy of Ben Williams.


The Source AV, Torrance

August found the LAOCAS amidst the wilds of Torrance to enjoy the always-generous hospitality of Steven and Jason Lord at The Source A/V.   The featured equipment for our meeting included Chord electronics and new-to-us Raidho Acoustics speakers from Denmark.  Our Chief Photographer, Doug Mechaber, had camera in hand to capture the festivities for the annals of posterity.

Common Wave HiFi, Los Angeles

July found the LAOCAS at a newly-opened facility in downtown Los Angeles. Common Wave HiFi, owned and operated by our lifetime member Wesley Katzir, featured a number of familiar and unfamiliar equipment manufacturers in a pleasant environment. Here are a number of pictures capturing the goings-on, courtesy of Chief Photographer Doug Mechaber.


February Meeting: Scott Walker Audio, Anaheim

We’ve had the pleasure of holding our February meetings at Scott Walker Audio for the last several years, and 2018 maintained the enjoyable tradition. A large crowd piled into the spacious showrooms of SWA to savor a huge range of equipment from such manufactures at Martin Logan, McIntosh, Synergistic Research, and ELAC. Our Chief Photographer, Doug Mechaber, was on hand to capably capture the festivities for posterity and our critical scrutiny – thanks, Doug!

January Meeting: Manley Laboratories, Inc., Chino

January found us in Chino for our first visit in quite a few years to Manley Labs. This was actually a dual-organization visit as we enjoyed the company of many members of the San Diego Music & Audio Society. Not much music today – the factory tour is always a treat, perhaps especially for those of us who proudly sport Manley equipment in our systems. The huge crowd also enjoyed a fantastic catered and cooked-to-order Mexican lunch. Among the crowd was none other than our Chief Photographer, Doug Mechaber, who captured the day’s goings-on for us.


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