Breaking News from the President

Dear Members and Friends

Dear Members and Friends,

A First for our Society!! Read all about it! More News!


Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019
Time: 2-5 PM
Location: Sunny Components
Address: 1370 E. Cypress St, Covina, CA 917249
Phone: 1-626-966-6259☎️

Meet the awesome JEFF ROWLAND, in person!📣📣📣

Jeff will present his latest creations and future thoughts on the best high end gear in the World. First time speaking to our Society.

We have Pete Soderberg coming from Martin Logan to present his speakers.

We have Lenny Mayeux from Audience coming to introduce the new Front Row Cables and a V8 Conditioner at $895.00. He will have a Cable for the raffle.

We have Brad O’Toole coming from Vandersteen Audio and HRS to introduce Nimbus feet, Damping plates and Vortex to the Society. Awesome!!

Sunny’s is presenting a “ROCK YOUR WORLD EVENT”.

Check out specific systems with excellent price/performance starting at $10K. Review a vast list of speaker products including Egglestonworks Reference, Stenheim, Vandersteen, Avantgarde Acoustics, Vivid Audio, Meridian, Martin Logan, Dali, Aerial Acoustics, KEF, and more. Electronics include products from CH Precision, Brinkmann, Jeff Rowland, Bryston, Hegel, NAD, MSB, Technics, Meridian, EAT with cables from AudioQuest and Audience. Several new products will be featured including Brinkmann, Jeff Rowland, Hegel, and Martin Logan.

Eastwind Import will be on hand to offer carefully selected vinyl and CDs for sale.

You will not want to miss this one. A raffle is planned and an extraordinary lunch will be served.

Bob Levi, President and CEO

P.S. ELAC DESIGNER ANDREW JONES TO BE HONORED AT 26TH ANNUAL SOCIETY GALA DECEMBER 8TH!  Please save the date!  Andrew to be Introduced by twin brother Owen!!  Owen to be introduced by Michael Fremer!  Nothing can possibly go wrong for sure!

Andrew receives our Highest Award, the 26th Annual Founders Award!!

“The Gala is Sponsored in Andrew’s honor by AXPONA, North America’s High End Audio Show”