Breaking News from the President

Dear Members and Friends

Dear Members and Friends,

January’s Event will be a FIRST for both Societies!

In conjunction with the San Diego Society…

Sunday, January 26, 2-5 PM: The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society will hold its first event of 2020 at Audeze (3412 S Susan St, Santa Ana, CA

Audeze is a pioneer in the Planar Magnetic technology that is known for its award-winning headphones.  From humble beginnings making transducers and headphones by hand in Orange County, Audeze has pushed the envelope on what is possible with Planar Magnetic Designs.

Factory Tour at Audeze!  Dragoslav Colich (CTO) and Sankar Thiagasamudram (CEO) will take you behind the scenes tour of Audeze which will include how Audeze products are designed and manufactured.  In addition to all the design, prototyping and testing Audeze manufactures a majority of its products at its Santa Ana facility.

Audeze will have a slew of new products that they plan to introduce at CES and NAMM.  All the new products for 2020 will be available for demo.  The presenters will follow up the tour with a Q&A.  Special pricing is 25% Off on all Audeze products in person at the factory and the raffle will include a STATE OF THE ART LCD-24! 

You can look forward to this exceptional raffle and a great lunch.  Eastwind Imports will be on hand to offer hand-selected Vinyl and CDs for sale.  Free parking is nearby.  Guests, visitors, and new members are invited.  Huge space, all are invited with comfortable seating!

Elections for 2020-21 LA&OC Officers will be held. 

My friends, I have greatly enjoyed serving you these past 16 years as your President, but the time has come for me to become less involved.  A new voice with new ideas and fresh approach is called for and Mike Wechsberg is our best executive for the challenge.  He is a team leader and an effective officer.  Here is his Bio:

Mike Wechsberg has been an audiophile since high school in New York City.  He joined the Society in 2005 and has served in several positions on the board since then.  He won the President’s Award in 2012 for service to the Society and is also a reviewer for Positive Feedback.  Mike likes many types of music, especially jazz, classical, and great singers in any genre.  He leans toward tubes for electronics but foresees a big role for digital signal processing in high-end audio in the near future.

Professionally, Mike is a well-known radar engineer and program manager with dozens of authored papers and three patents to his name.  He led the development of several important radar systems for national defense and remains a sought-after consultant to the defense industry.  In service to society Mike owned and operated a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Laguna Beach for five years.  He lives in San Clemente.

You will see Mike on the ballot from the nominating committee as President and CEO and I urge you to vote for him.

I will move to Chairman of the Board and assist Mike in any way he may ask.  Dr. Mark Katz will become President Emeritus.

We all look forward to this awesome Event at Audeze.  Lunch will be served at 2 PM.

Warmest Regards and very Happy Holidays,


Bob Levi
President and CEO
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