26th Annual Gala Raffle Prizes

Sponsored by AXPONA
North America’s High End Audio Show

Date: Sunday December 8, 2019
Time: 11 AM until we’re done!
Location: Grand Ballroom, Holiday Inn – Buena Park
Address: 7000 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620 (Directions)

Dress is Holiday Casual

First winner of the Arya award to Wayne Shorter, accepted by the famous Don Was.


Michael Fremer receiving the Founders Award by John Atkinson of Stereophile.


EveAnna Manley donating her awesome headphone amp.


Will accept cash or credit

Thank you to the following Manufacturers, Suppliers and Dealers for their generous support


ELAC ADANTE AS61 Three-way Monitor Speakers in a SPECIAL FINISH and tweaked to specifications personally by Andrew Jones! Outstanding!

Retail $2500.

Thank you, Andrew Jones!


GRADO LABS Lineage Series EPOCH Cartridge. Hand made by John Grado for this event. The best sounding, most detailed moving iron cartridge ever made. One of the most real sounding cartridges on the planet. Bob Levi’s Reference. State of the Art.

Retail $12,000.

Thank you, John Grado!


KUBALA-SOSNA Sensation speaker cables, 2.5 meters single wire. Incredibly detailed and smooth as silk. Most flexible cable ever in its State of the Art Class. Cable to die for!

Retail $7600.

Thank you, Joe Kubala!


ZESTO AUDIO Andros 1.2 Tube Phonostage. State of the art all-tube design from the mind of George Counnas. Neutral and extremely detailed. Upgrades any system imaginable. Won nine industry awards!

Retail $4700.

Thank you George and Carolyn Counnas!


STEIN MUSIC OF GERMANY, the Stateline Phono 2 Phonostage from Signature Model. A solid-state masterpiece! State of the Art definition and quiet. Maximum flexibility! Two box version, hand tweaked by Holger Stein, Designer and Chief.

Retail $4500.

Thank you, Holger Stein!


BOB CARVER Corporation CRIMSON 275 Tube Amplifier. Gorgeous. Loaded with features. 5-year warranty including tubes! Hand-signed by Bob Carver. Built-in VU Meter for all adjustments. KT-120 Output tubes. Amazing!

Retail $2750.

Thank you, Bob Carver!


BENCHMARK HPA4 Headphone Amplifier with TOUCHSCREEN. Latest high-end solid-state DAC and more, much more! State of the art, sold only direct from Benchmark. Most flexible headphone amp ever produced by Benchmark. Contains all premium parts.

Retail $2995.

Thank you Rory Rall!


GRADO LABS PS2000e Professional Series Headphones. State of the art in dynamic headphones. Grado’s top pro statement model. Incredible definition, comfort, and imaging. You could remaster the Beatles with these cans. Neutral with a bullet. Gorgeous and made by hand in Brooklyn, New York to last a lifetime. Considered an audiophile reference.

Retail $2695.

Thank you, John Grado!


MAG-LEV ML1 TURNTABLE complete with CABLES and CARTRIDGE. Latest model, refined engineering. Platter floats above the plinth for total elimination of feedback and perfect control. The platter receives zero vibration from the plinth and is silent during play at 33 or 45 rpm. Driven by magnetic energy, no motor or belts used. A 21st Century masterpiece of engineering an design.  

Retail $2500.

Thank you, Tony Hamilton and Maglev Audio USA


Dan Clark Audio ETHER 2 Special Edition planar magnetic headphones including 2 pairs of VIVO cables! MrSpeakers top of the line, newest and best planar headphones. Comfortable and efficient, they will “Rock Your World”! State of the art creation from the brilliant Dan Clark.

Retail $2499.

Thank you, Andy Regan and Dan Clark!


XPONENT AUDIO “BLISS” Bookshelf Loudspeaker finished in natural birch. A two-way design that is both compact and powerful. Unique Heil tweeter and transmission line bass loading are exciting and unique in a stylish bookshelf design. Hand made in California.

Retail $2600.

Thank you, YK Lee!



Cardas Audio 1.5 meter Clear Beyond XL Power Cord. Retail $2480. A Bob Levi Reference. Improves and refines every high-end piece of gear Bob could find. DACs never sounded this analog! State of the Art and more.

Retail $2480.

Thank you, Angela Cardas!


Ultimate EarsUE Live In Ear Monitor, custom made for the winner. Eight drivers per channel! Your ears will be laser measured for a fantastic fit! Best of the best from UE! State of the art!

Retail $2199.

Thank you, Jenine Civil!


Silversmith Audio Group New Fidelium speaker cables 8 feet pair from . Just released. More definition than Palladium.

Retail TBA.

Thank you Jeffrey Smith!


UIT Audio (Unique Innovation Technology).  IAMP-US-150 – Incredible AC Purifier Power Cord 1.5 Meter. Outstanding power cord with filter on board that really works. Wonderful performance. Ultra-high value.

Retail $1300.

Plus IMP-RCA-150 – Perfect Music Purifier Interconnect Cable (RCA Connector) 1.5 Meter.

Retail $790.

Thank you, Mitch Ko!


BRADFORD PORTRAIT custom16 x 20, HAND COLORED, includes the sitting. A magnificent family keepsake. Audiophiles in past years that won this have cherished the amazing portrait of their family. Your favorite amp or preamp may be in the picture.

Retail $5000.

Thank you Kelsey Nakken, GM Bradford Portraits!


KIRMUSS KA-RC-1 Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Restoration System. Loved by all who have vinyl collections. It works exceedingly well at cleaning and restoring peak LP performance even after years of use.

Retail $850.

Thank you, Dr. Charles Kirmuss!


KIMBER KABLE Carbon Interconnect! Two prizes, a 2-meter RCA and a 2-meter XLR. Ray’s latest cable creation and a price/performance breakthrough. Carbon infused dielectric performs dramatically well, yielding enhanced definition and dynamics. Wonderful!

Retail $776 each.

Thank you, Ray Kimber!


FONG AUDIO OUT OF YOUR HEAD software package with 29 VENUE PRESETS. Gives you a dramatically open headphone sound tailored to the venue you choose. Cutting edge technology. Has stood the test of time. Darin is a genius.

Retail $800.

Thank you, Darin Fong!


Eastwind Import LP/CD Package. Specially selected by Hajime Sato. His taste in Jazz is unparalleled! Great addition to your collection.

Retail $300.

Thank you, Hajime Sato, Secretary of the LA & Orange County Audio Society!


A SPECIAL GIFT DONATED TO THE RAFFLE BY RICH REVEL. TEC-ON 55 Integrated Tube Amp/DAC.  Very cool. Tube rolling is a blast. The tube sound is extraordinary. Amazing gift!

Retail $749.

Thank you, Rich Revel!


SCHIIT AUDIO VIDAR 100 watt amplifier. Top sound quality at a very friendly price. Will power about any speakers with elegance and high definition.

RETAIL $699.

Thank you, Jason Stoddard and Denise Martin!


AudioQuest AQ COBALT DRAGONFLY. Top of the line. You requested it; Bill Low took care of us. Packed with new features and the best sound and performance yet. Great things do come in small packages.

Retail $299.

Thank you, Bill Low!


THE SOURCE AV in Torrance, the McIntosh MHA50 Digital Decoding Amplifier. What a treasure! Truly best sound for the money from McIntosh. Reviewers love it and you will too!

Retail $700.

Thank you, Jason Lord!


SHURE provides a pair of SRH1540 Headphones. Closed-in high definition cans that sound like open headphones. Gorgeous! Very comfortable!

Retail $499.95.

Thank you, Davida Rochman!


Qobuz 6 MONTH MEMBERSHIP. High definition streaming at its best. It just does not get better than this.

Retail $120.

Thank you, Dan Machta!


Sbooster  From Upscale Audio, an Sbooster made in Holland.  Replaces the CD wall wart with a two stage precision power supply. Gala prize is 12 volt version worth $399. Thank you Kevin Deal

Retail $399.

Thank you, Kevin Deal