28th Annual Gala Raffle Prizes

Sponsored by the LAOCAS

Date: Sunday December 5 2021
Time: 11 AM until we’re done!
Location: Grand Ballroom, Holiday Inn – Buena Park
Address: 7000 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620 (Directions)

Dress is Holiday Casual



First winner of the Arya award to Wayne Shorter, accepted by the famous Don Was.


Michael Fremer receiving the Founders Award by John Atkinson of Stereophile.


EveAnna Manley donating her awesome headphone amp.


Will accept cash or credit

Thank you to the following Manufacturers, Suppliers and Dealers for their generous support


Zesto Audio Andros 2.0 Tube Phono Stage, brand new version. 9 Audiophile Awards! Superb performance with ultimate adjustability for cartridge tuning. Features a pair of extraordinary 12DW7 combo tubes and balanced operation.

Retail $5200.

Thank you, George and Carolyn Counnas!


EAR CLASSIC Phono Stage, CONCEIVED AND DESIGNED personally by the late Tim de Paravicini. Replaces the unprecedented 25 year run of the 834P. Extreme musical definition with a unique tube combination including the awesome NOS 13AX7! Provided by EAR is a new unit in black built in England.

Retail $1900.

Thank you, Dan Meinwald


Kubala-Sosna Sensation Interconnects 1.5 meters, RCA termination. Sensational definition and intensely musical, they are perfect to the max. A Bob Levi favorite and reference.

Retail $6400.

Thank you Joe Kubala.


KirmussAudio, the Kirmuss KA-RC-1 ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner and restoration system. Ultrasonic cleaning perfection cleans and restores your favorite LP to better than new. Amazing value and a necessity for LP Collectors.

Retail $970.

Thank you, Charles Kirmuss.


KirmussAudio, The New Adrenaline Speaker Cable comes in a standard 12 ft length and comprises 99.9% OFC (copper), and contains 72 strands of individually insulated copper wires. Each cable weighs around 3 pounds and uses very high-grade connectors. Incredible performance and value from Charles Kirmuss.

Retail $610.

Thank you, Charles Kirmuss.


Audeze Audiophile LCD-X Headphones prepared personally by Dr. C, the designer of the LCD-X and inventor of planar headphones, and hand signed for the Gala. These are a Bob Levi reference and indispensable for critical listening.

Retail $1100.

Thank you, Dr. C. and Audeze.


Audioquest 1 x DragonFly Cobalt, and separately 1 x Fog Lifters (our cable-uppers that don’t add RF when the whole point is to reduce it).

Retail: $329 and $159.

Thank you, Bill Low.




UITaudio, 1.5 meter IMP-XLR-150 Perfect Music Purifier Interconnect Cable, XLR Connector. Incredibly transparent and a Bob Levi reference. An unbelievable value for audiophiles everywhere and a breakout design.

Sold direct $1100.

Thank you, Mitch Ko.



UITaudio, 1 meter UMP-USB-100 Perfect Music Purifier USB Digital Cable. One of the best USB cables on the market and a Bob Levi favorite. Very hard to better these sonically at any price.

Sold direct $590.

Thank you Mitch Ko


SteinMusic, Stein DE-2 CD Conditioner. Also clarifies SACDs and DVDs. Quiet and effective, CDs sound more analog after treatment.

Retail $699.

Thank you, Holger Stein.


Kimber Kable, a Gift Certificate from Kimber for $3400 for any Kimber products!! That’s $100 for every year Cardas Audio has been in business! Kimber Kable Congratulates George Cardas!

Retail $3400.

Thank you, Ray Kimber.



Dan Clark Audio, “Aeon Noire” closed-back headphones from Dan Clark Audio valued at $899. ÆON Noire embodies everything you loved about the classic ÆON Flow – its tough, yet ultra-light, all-metal headband and baffle, and incredibly comfortable ergonomic design but with a significant sonic upgrade.

Retail $899.

Thank you, Dan Clark and Andy Regan.


Yarlung Records, a special original Yarlung package of the five new “LAOCAS-branded” 2021 LPs plus one suggested by Chip and Sharyn Moore from 2020 titled “Lifeline” for one lucky winner. All 45 RPM, produced by Bob Attiyeh and mastered by Steve Hoffman and cut by Bernie Grundman.

Retail: $210.

Thank you, Bob Attiyeh.


BRADFORD PORTRAIT custom16 x 20, HAND COLORED, includes the sitting. A magnificent family keepsake. Audiophiles in past years that won this have cherished the amazing portrait of their family. Your favorite amp or preamp may be in the picture.

Retail $5000.

Thank you Kelsey Nakken, GM Bradford Portraits!


Cardas Audio, a pair of SPECIAL ORDER CARDAS CLEAR BEYOND XL PHONO CABLES…STATE OF THE ART…for a very lucky winner. A Bob Levi Phono Cable Reference for his Grado Epoch 3 Cartridge! Plus TEN Cardas Power Cords from all categories including 2 Cardas Clear Beyond XL Cords…State of the Art.

Approx. Retail: $18,000.

Thank you, Angela and George Cardas.



Darin Fong Audio, our “Out Of Your Head” is advanced audio software that replicates the experience of listening to high-end speakers using only headphones. This raffle item includes an Out Of Your Head software license and a license for all the currently available speaker presets (29 presets).

This complete software package is worth over $800.00.

Thank you, Darin Fong.


Ultimate Ears, UE LIVE, Custom Measured Fit. Made for discerning professionals who need a perfect balance of detail and musicality, UE Live goes above and beyond. Eight precision-tuned drivers reproduce your music with maximum purity and power, while the tour-proof design guards against the rigors of the road. Five-way crossover and eight specialized drivers provide unmatched performance. Custom 6 mm sub and TrueTone Plus driver provide extended 5 to 40,000 Hz range. Excellent acoustic isolation. Best for: Live performance, mixing and mastering engineers, broadcast engineers, and audiophiles who want the very best!!

Retail $2199.

Thank you, Jenine Civil.


The Source AV, the McIntosh MHA50 Portable Decoding Amplifier…audiophile performance in your pocket. The handheld MHA50 Portable Decoding Amplifier can make your music sound its best – and likely better than you’ve ever heard it before – through your headphones.

Retail $700.

Thank you, Jason Lord and The Source AV.



Acoustic Sounds, four unobtainium LP test pressings from Chad’s private stock: two Jazz and two Classical releases of his choice! It does not get any better than this!

Retail $1000.

Thank you, Chad Kassem.



Schitt Audio, the Schitt Aegir Amplifier. Like Vidar, Aegir uses an exotic current-feedback topology, as well as a 100% linear power supply (with 7 separate voltage rails and 600VA transformer) and microprocessor oversight to eliminate capacitors and DC servos in the signal path. No Class D, no switching supplies, no fans, no compromises, nothing in the signal path but music—for a three-figure price tag.

Retail $799.

Thank you Denise Martin and Jason Stoddard.


Upscale Audio, One pair of Tannoy Platinum B6 speakers, outstanding efficient speakers for small rooms or desktop.

Retail $618/pair.

Thank you, Kevin Deal.



Grado Labs, presents their flagship headphones, the PS 2000e. Fashioned in custom chrome for our Gala by John Grado, this is simply the best headphone Grado has ever produced and, in the opinion of many, the best headphone in the world. Developing the PS2000e has taken almost 2 years, on top of Grado’s 64 years of audio experience. The hand-carved maple inner chamber is clad with their new Smoked Chrome finish for an elegant look. A wider leather head-strap with added padding make for a more comfortable experience. Both are exclusive to the PS2000e.

Retail $2700.

Thank you John Grado.


Vinyl Record Cleaning Company, presents a unique and highly effective record cleaning product. Actually, our product is more restorative, which is why we call the fluid itself VRC Restore! A unique one-step peal for vinyl. Great reviews. More information can be found here: vrcs.com.au.

Retail $199.

Thank you Stephen Price.

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