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Sunday, January 22nd

Marine Presson, Show Producer for the Los Angeles Audio Show, June 2-4, will address the Society!!  Please come and enjoy!  For LAAS Discounted and Free Tickets for Members and New Members just click the yellow box immediately above.

SNEAK SNEAK PREVIEW!!  Noon-1 PM, before Event Begins!  Just come to listen and observe the tweaking by Fabio  Storelli!  Sunday, Jan 22nd!

**Win Kubala-Sosna Fascination $950 Interconnects! Win 24bit and DSD Downloads, too!**

Dear Members and Friends,

Coming Sunday, January 22nd, 1-4 PM: The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society will hold its premier event of 2017 in combination with San Diego's Alma Music and Audio, a first for our Society, at the Holiday Inn in Buena Park (7000 Beach Blvd) in the beautiful Penthouse Ballroom.

The acoustics are excellent and there will be comfortable seating for all.

Our host, Fabio Storelli of Alma Music and Audio will demonstrate examples of top-of-the-line equipment including speakers by YG Acoustics, electronics by D’Agostino, Dartzeel and MSB Tech with cabling by Kubala-Sosna. This will the first time YG and Dartzeel are presented to and auditioned by our Society! Thank you Alma Audio! Their extraordinary efforts to do this for us deserve to be well-attended!!

World-renowned Joe Kubala of Kubala-Sosna Cables, also Senior Vice President of our Society, will join us along with other industry presenters invited to address the Society.

Win wonderful ubala-Sosna Cables in the big raffle!

And Marine Presson, LAAS, will join us, too!

Raffle Prizes Announced!!

  • Win Kubala-Sosna Fascination Interconnects, 2 pair in raffle, at $950 each. $1900 total. RCA and XLR choices!  Wonderful reference sound!
  • WIN terrific download albums from Acoustic Sounds Super Hi-Rez! AIX iTracks!  And HDTT!  You choose the resolution.
  • Win wonderful Liquid Gold accessories from Caig Labs!
  • Win the 8 CDs from Chesky!  Thanks David Chesky!
  • More LPs coming soon!

Eastwind Import will be on hand to offer hand selected new vinyl and imported Jazz CDs for sale. What a terrific opportunity to enjoy a traditional 3D shopping experience that no longer exists except in 2D on line.  A real shame, but not for us!  A raffle is planned and our famous delicious grilled all beef hotdog lunch will be served at 1 PM. Fresh fruit too!

Cash bar.  Parking is free.  Guests, visitors and new members are invited.

Not to be missed!  Please be there!  This will be a very special high-end experience.  Please save the date: January. 22, 1 PM.

A Very Happy and Musical New Year to you!


Bob Levi
President and CEO
Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society
Now with over 2100 members
8144 E. Bailey Way,
Anaheim, CA  92808
(714) 281-5850

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