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TICKET DEADLINE: Extended Until Sold Out

 $12,000 GRAND PRIZE

Coming Sunday, December 3rd , 11 AM - 3:30 PM!
Incredible 24th Annual Gala and Awards Ceremony!
Buy your tickets now before it sells out!

HONORING the legendary John Grado, President of Grado Labs, with the Founder's Award, our Highest Honor!  The Award to be presented by both Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine, and Owen Kwon, President of Astell&Kern.  They will recognize John Grado's ground breaking contributions to both phono cartridges and headphones and his newest achievements!

The Society’s Board of Directors awards the Founder’s Award annually to those professionals in the high end who continue to advance fine musical reproduction in the home and distinguish themselves as the best in their profession.

The world famous Paul Seydor, of The Absolute Sound, will present the Pre-note speech: TAS Headphone and Personal Listening Special Edition!  First 300 to reserve the Gala get a complimentary copy selling at $12.95 on the newsstand!

Our Society Executive Vice President Marine Presson, General Manager of LA Audio Show, will present the Big News about our 2018 edition!  Bob Levi, President and CEO of the Society, will be Master of Ceremonies.

Past honorees on the dais will include Ray Kimber, President of Kimber Kable, and Dr. David Robinson, Editor of Positive Feedback.  The ballroom will be filled with the Super Stars of audio!

The renowned pianist, Robert Silverman, will entertain the Society in honor of John Grado.  He will play a Steinway D Grand Piano furnished by Steinway and Ray Kimber.  Ray is premiering Chopin the Last Waltz, his first LP production.  We thank Ray Kimber for suggesting and underwriting this special treat!

Enjoy renowned magnificent Gala Raffle!!  $60,000 in Prizes!  Lavish Holiday NY Strip Buffet!  Vegetarian choices, too!

Members, Guests, and visitors most welcome. Holiday Inn Grand Ballroom, 7000 Beach Blvd., Buena Park. 11 AM -3:30 PM.  Free parking compliments of the Society.  Dress is holiday casual.

See you at the 24th Annual Gala!

Click the "Buy Now" button below.  You can pay with a credit card or with your PayPal account.  PLEASE, PLEASE  If you're purchasing more than one ticket, or if the ticket is not for the PayPal account holder, we need to know the actual name or names so we can have the proper list of people at the Gala checkin.  If that's the case, please Email Webmaster (Art Shapiro) with the appropriate name(s). 


 Charge your tickets Now! The Gala will sell out!



Win Grado Epoch Phono Cartridge!  Finest American made cartridge ever!  State of the art!  MSRP: $12,000.  Thank you John Grado!

(Prize includes professional cartridge installation and set-up by Society Officer and Expert Technical Consultant Dan Meinwald, E.A.R.-USA distributor, who installed Bob Levi's Review Sample for Positive Feedback.  Winner must reside in Southern California for installation.)

Raffle Prizes for Our 24th Annual Gala 2017!

(Prizes listed in order of receipt)

  • From Grado Labs, newest flagship headphones!  PS2000e!  Ultimate headphones for the music producer or audiophile who only wants the very best for monitoring or musical enjoyment!  The top driver based headphones on the planet and built in America!  MSRP: $2695.

    Thank you John Grado!!
  • From Astell&Kern, Astell&Kern SP1000 A&ultima Series High-End Music Player (in gorgeous Audiophile Copper Case.)  Includes leather travel case.  Contains:

    Dual DAC: 2 x AKM AK4497EQ and performs to 32-Bit/384 kHz & Native DSD 11.2 MHz.
    With High Definition HD5 Display: 5".

    The Rolls Royce of DAPs!  Click for Info.  MSRP: $3499.

    Thank you Owen Kwon and IRiver!
  • From PrimaLuna, the famous all tube Prologue 5 Amplifier in deluxe silver.  Handles all output tubes up to KT150s!  MSRP: $1899.

    Thank you Kevin Deal and Upscale Audio!
  • From Ultra Systems, the elegant and state of the art LP cleaning machine: Audio Desk Systeme Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner PRO.  Best available, faster, quieter, and more durable, has full two year warranty.  State of the art ultrasonic machine.  Value $3995.  Click for Info.

    Thank you Robert Stein!
  • From Zesto Audio, brand new Zesto Allasso Step-up Phono Transformer!  Most flexible step up transformer ever created in the world with 40 impedance settings!!!  Plugs into any MM input maximizing any MC or low output MM/MI cartridge.  Hand made in California.  MSRP: $2995.

    Thank you George and Carolyn Counnas!
  • From E.A.R. of Great Britain, the 834P Tube MM/MC PHONO STAGE designed by Tim de Paravicini.  Elegant and flexible, and hand made in England just for the Gala, now featuring exclusive 13 volt NOS tubes supplied by E.A.R. for maximum quiet and exceptional performance!!  No need for tube rolling.  MSRP: $1895.

    Thank you Dan Meinwald and Tim de Paravicini!
  • From Kimber Kable, top of the Select phono line in purest silver with silver WBT connectors or custom connectors as required, KS1236 Phono Interconnects.  One meter.  The Best!  Sounds superb with the Grado Epoch!  MSRP: $2400.

    Thank you Ray Kimber, our most honored Society member!
  • From Kubala-Sosna, a one meter of the superb new SENSATION RCA interconnect for the raffle ($5,800) … this is from the new OptimiZ3 series with elegant RCA connectors, one meter length. Ultra musical and American made!  MSRP $5800.

    Thank you Joe Kubala!
  • From Reference Recordings, a terrific gift set of RR's three latest LP releases.  These are the best of the best!

    Thank you Marcia Martin!
  • From Audioengine, Audioengine HD6 wireless speakers in their most popular walnut finish.  Click here to enjoy.  I’m sure the lucky winner will be thrilled to win these state of the art speakers.  Everything you need is in the box!  Value: $749.

    Thank you Gavin Fish!
  • First 300 Gala attendees will receive a Caig DeoxIT GOLD G Series Gift Pack with Caig's premium: (i) DeoxIT Gold Mini Spray; (ii) 5 Individually packaged DeoxIT Gold Wipes; (iii) DeoxIT Gold 100% Liquid in a minim brush bottle; and (iii) a DeoxIT Essentials Guide.  Value $50 each.

    Thank you Caig Labs and Mike Neumann!
  • From Stein Music of Germany, their POWERBAR 6 SIGNATURE AC power conditioner.  Extremely advanced multi layer design with each layer proprietorially grounded to screen out EMI and RFI.  Material also contains quantum noise reduction material.  All six premium outlets are connected INDIVIDUALLY to the single end mounted input maximizing power transfer from the wall.  No compression ever!  Just more power and great clarity!  All other features are proprietary.  Read review of Powerbar 10 Signature by RHL in Positive Feedback.  The Stein is a work of art both sonically and visually.  MSRP: $2500.

    Thank you Holger Stein!
  • From Chesky Records, A very cool package of the newest SACD Hybrid and Binaural Recordings...10 in all...for a lucky winner!  Value $300.

    Thank you David Chesky!
  • From Yarlung Records, Yarlung World Premier CD Albums released just prior to the Gala!  One is superb jazz, the other a secret!  Pressed in Germany on proprietary composite materials for maximum sound quality.  Value $100.

    Thank you Bob Attiyeh!
  • From Morrow Audio, Exceptional Map3 Reference Power Cord for all high-end gear.  Silver clad multi stranded 12 gauge copper wire.  Tremendous value!  Read all about it here.  MSRP: $395 first meter.  Two meter length prize.

    Thank you Mike Morrow!
  • From MrSpeakers, the amazing, award winning brand new AEON PLANAR MAGNETIC HEADPHONES!  Full range and comfortable, performance to die for.  Already won two awards!!  Handmade in America!  Value: $799.99

    Thank you Dan Clark!
  • We would be happy to provide 300 copies of our special issue The Absolute Sound and Hi-Fi Plus Ultimate Guide to Headphones and Personal Audio ($12.95 on the newsstand).

    Thank you so very much Robert Harley!
  • From Acoustic Sounds and QRP, Five Select LP Test Pressings chosen by Chad Kassem, President Acoustic Sounds, for our Gala.  Value: $200 each.  Total: $1000.

    Thank you Chad Kassem!
  • From PBN Audio, a gorgeous pair of custom hand made Mini Monitors in always gorgeous select wood finish.  Click for Info.  Value $1875.

    Thank you Peter Noerbaek!
  • From Caig Labs, New Special Prize Combo: Audiophile Home Maintenance Kit and a Vacuum Tube Survival Kit!  Value $150.

    Thank you Mike Neumann!
  • From Eastwind Import, a Deluxe Gift Set of New LPs personally selected by Hajime.  Value: $300.

    Thank you Hajime Sato!
  • From Schiit Audio, the beautiful and superb Freya: Balanced/Passive/Active/Remote/Tube Preamplifier.  Click for Info.  Value: $699.

    Thank you Denise Martin!
  • From RHA of England, a pair of the advanced CL1-Ceramic Earphones.  Gorgeous build quality.  Click for Info,  Value: $449.95.

    Thank you Lyndsey James-Williams!
  • From Fong Audio, I will donate a license for Out Of Your Head and ALL the speaker presets.  WOW!  Amazing headphone experience!!  Click for Info.  Value: $149 plus all presets.  Total value $800.

    Thank you Darin Fong!
  • From UIT, 1 x 1.5 Meter IMP-XLR - Perfect Music Purifier Interconnect Cable (XLR Connector).  Click for Info.  Wonderful interconnect for the audiophile with PMP modules on board!  Value $835.

    Thank you Mitch Ko!
  • From ESS, the hot, exciting ESS RLM 713 Headphones.  Supremely comfortable, full range and ultra musical.  Outstanding sound and incredible value!  Value $249.

    Thank you Ricky Caudillo!
  • From Aesthetix, the best cartridge demagnetizer in the world, period!  The Aesthetix ABCD-1!  Value $200.

    Thank you Jim White!
  • From SHURE, we will donate a pair of our superb SRH 1540 Closed Back Headphones.  Value $499.  Click for Info.

    Thank you Davida R.!
  • From Impex Records and Elusive Disc, an LP Gift Set including Impex's latest reissues.  Included will be the amazing LeGrand Jazz and much more!  Value $250.

    Thank you Abey Fonn!
  • I am thrilled to confirm the participation of Bradford Renaissance Portraits in your upcoming auction.  We will be honored to donate a family or individual (sorry, no pets) sitting, plus one 16 x 20 wall portrait on canvas richly embellished by our renowned artist.  This painting like portrait has a value of $5000.

    Thank you Kelsey Nakken!
  • From Noble Audio, The personalized Kaiser Encore IEM.  State of the Art gorgeous product, includes custom fit.  The best I have ever heard and built like a Rolex.  Value $2099.

    Thank you Brannon Mason!
  • From Soundstring Cables, we are donating our most popular, best performing GEN II and GEN II”SE” cables to the raffle.

    SS-GEN II-PCLOD10-FMF-8 (8 ft. Low Out-put 10 Amp digital power cord with Furutech 120V-15 Amp Male and IEC 320-C13 Female Hand Assembled Plugs) - Current retail cost: $580.00/each

    SS-GEN II-SE-IC95-5-XLR (5 ft. Beta 2-22S Special Edition Shielded and Balanced Interconnect Cables with enhanced conductors, 98% Spiral Wound 6-9’s OFHC Bare Copper Shield, plus our proprietary 98% non-metallic outer braided shield and Neutrik Male & Female XLR Plugs with 24 Kt. Gold Plated Contacts) - Current Retail Cost:$575.00/pair

    SS-GEN II-SC-8-SL (8 ft. Gamma 2-12 Standard Speaker Cables with 8mm 24 Kt. Heavy Duty Gold Plated Spade Terminals All Ends) - Current Retail Cost: $750.00/pair

    Thank you Len Miller!
  • From the LA Audio Show 2018, VIP Package for two including three days admission to all events, two nights in king room at the host hotel, free parking, and more!  $600 value. Two VIP Packages in Gala Raffle.   Value $1200.

    Thank you Marine Presson!
  • Hi-rez Album Downloads of your choice from HDTT, Acoustic Sounds Super Hi-rez, and AIX Records!

    Thank you all!
  • NEW From Parasound, the Parasound Halo JC 3 Jr. (aka 'Junior') reflects the company's latest collaboration with the legendary Vendetta designer, John Curl, and circuit-board wizard, Carl Thompson.  MM and MC, RCA and XLR outputs, and eleven MC impedance settings 50-550 ohms!  Variable gain settings, too!! . 02% THD!  It will be available in black or silver finish with a retail price of $1,495.  We have silver for the raffle.

    Thank you Richard Schram!
  • I just completed a new version of the Bybee External Speaker Bullets and I would like to donate a set to be offered at the Gala.  The MSRP for the new series is $5500.

    Thank you Jack Bybee!
  • New from Cardas Cable, hot brand-new interconnects from Cardas: Clear Cygnus Int. With RCAs!  One meter.  Gorgeous!  Retail $790.

    Thank you Angela Cardas!
  • From Rutherford Audio, a Thorens TD203 turntable in red. Retail is $1000.

    Thank you, Norm Steinke!


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